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Service Design

What is Service Design?

Services can be internal (providing for other departments) or external (providing for customers), but the principles of Service Design remain the same. Services should be provided with the minimum waiting times and other inconveniences for the customer regardless of whether that customer is internal or external. The advantage of providing such a stress free service to external customers is normally acknowledged (if not always implemented), but is often forgotten in relation to internal customers although it is often the smoothness of these internal services which eventually impact the external customer.

Our expertise

We look at the customer journey and dig into why they might be experiencing difficulties or inconvenience. This involves walking through processes as a customer, talking to customers, and experiencing where the problems are. Often issues can be resolved in simple or straightforward ways (such as better signage), but where more fundamental changes are required, we use our process re-design and other skills to look at the issues in a focused and holistic fashion.

We've worked on major projects with:

  • University of Bradford