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Yes! We will do Course Collect for you!

We take course marketing information in any electronic format and process it to any third party aggregators of courses including UCAS, Hotcourses, Graduate Prospects, FindAMasters and others.

We typically supply one major and one minor update of all courses per aggregator per year, but we can update courses as often as wanted. Additional, very minor, updates to individual courses due to unforseen or delayed changes are undertaken free of charge.

Ensure students see what you think they are seeing

We check your information is displaying correctly and completely on every aggregator's website supplied. Where your data is passed on to subsequent aggregators by a third party we check all downstream websites. When we uncover irregularities we work with our customers and the aggregator to resolve them.

Benefits to your university or college:

  • Save up to half the cost of in-house
  • Hassle free - no collating, re-formatting or re-keying
  • Students get a clear, complete, consistent message about your courses no matter where they first come across them
  • One contact for all of your aggregators
  • Maximise impact of your data on each third party website

Current sites:

  • The Open University - we have been disseminating The Open University's course information for 14 years, currently using their XCRI-CAP feed as a data source. We liaise with UCAS regularly to ensure their very specific needs are met and supply to UCAS Course Collect, UCAS Data Collection, Hotcourses, Studylink, British Council, and Graduate Prospects amongst others.
  • Birkbeck, University of London - we pull data directly from the Birkbeck website for the majority of updates with short course information supplied on a spreadsheet. We supply to UCAS Course Collect, UCAS Data Collection, Graduate Prospects, FindAMasters, and Hotcourses.

Email us now for more information: enquiries@alanpaull.co.uk.