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Requirements engineering

What is Requirements Engineering?

Defining and documenting the needs of an organisation, system or process. Traditionally Requirements Engineering referred primarily to the needs of computer systems and software, but it is now used more widely to look at needs for any discrete function within an organisation. The requirements need to be clearly defined to be understood not only by those creating the system or process, but also those who will actually use it so that they can approve them. Documenting requirements of a new process or system also simplifies changes to that process or system at a later date potentially during process re-design.

Our expertise

We specialise in requirements engineering for process re-design and information management, which includes specifying and documenting requirements for development of computer systems, as well as broader needs of departments or organisations as a whole. We work with all stakeholders throughout the process to ensure the needs of all parties are met. We take extra time and care to understand the specialist language of all parties, so that we can define requirements in such a way that stakeholders from across the organisation can all fully understand them.

We've worked on major projects with:

  • University of Bradford
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Middlesex University